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Sede WMI - Zanè - Vicenza - Italy

Our approach

Technical knowledge and a tight relationship with our customers are fundamentals to offer high quality tailor-made solutions: W.M.I. realises projects on request and provides its experience and technical expertise to satisfy customer's goals.

About Us

An eye for detail and accuracy during the processes: the union of two life stories and professional experiences led to the achievement of a unique goal, embodied in W.M.I., the company that designs and manufactures autoclaves and pressure vessels.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Vessels for turboemulsifiers, mixers, melters, concentration and stripping plants:
W.M.I. designs, manufactures and tests equipment made of stainless steel, nickel, alloys, duplex and super duplex.

Cosmetic Industry


W.M.I. exclusively processes stainless steel and alloys for the cosmetic industry.
High attention is given to the production area which is completely free from polluting powders. The production range of vessels goes from 3 liters (laboratory) up to 40.000 liters of volume.

Chemical Industry

Pressure vessels for reactors, mixers, equipment for solvent recovery and stripping by thin-film evaporation, heat exchangers and tube bundle condensers (BEM, BEU and floating): the production range of W.M.I. is large.

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