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The production flow

Design and Calculations

W.M.I. is able to perform a virtual test already at the beginning when the product is designed.
Calculations and design are performed with Simulation, CAD 3D and a dedicated calculation software.

Innovative Production


Machines of latest generation are placed inside the 2500m² workshop of W.M.I.
Worthwhile to be mentioned are the Forcetig Welding Robot, the 2D & 3D Fiber Laser and the two Machining Centres.

Certification and Final Test


Products compliant with PED 2014/68/UE, designed with ASME VIII div.1 or EN 13445 calculation code, welders certified according to ASME sec. IX and EN ISO 9606-1. W.M.I. owns the  ASME U-STAMP certification and is planning to get the AD 2000 HP0 certification soon.

Technical Support


During the whole production process and also after sales W.M.I. remains at the disposal of its customers. A virtuous relationship that makes the difference.

The Analysis

The initial analysis of any project is the key to better understand the request and to organize the production process.

At the beginning both commercial and technical offices are in contact with the customer: the first will give an overview of the project, while the second will go into detail in order to realize everything needed for production. A team work that allows to realize the final product as it was thought, or even improving it.

The Design

Structural performances of the products are analyzed in a wide range of physical scenarios already during the design phase: with the use of the Simulation software, integrated with the 3D CAD and a dedicated calculation program, which responds to the ASME VIII div. 1 code, in fact, the technical office can determine the mechanical strength, durability and natural frequencies of the product, as well as testing load instabilities, pressure vessel analysis and complex loads.

Mechanical Calculations

Mechanical calculations are performed by W.M.I. using the finite element simulation of the powerful virtual Simulation test environment or with a dedicated calculation software, which allow to analyze the feasibility right from the beginning of the process.


Drawings for construction are realized through 3D modeling and 2D drawings, which allow to have a first real view on the project, ensuring a good and safe final result. 

The Production

Experienced welders and workers are one of the strengths of W.M.I.
Each product undergoes several steps that start from the formal project until the final test.
All processes benefit from experience and competence, characteristics that make the difference.

Laser Cutting

  • 2D laser cutting, with a working area of 8050 x 2550 mm and a max. thickness of 20mm on steel

  • 3D laser cutting, with a working area of 8050 x 2000 x 980 mm and a max. thickness of 15mm on steel

Possibility of cutting, drilling and chamfering any kind of object.

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Bending, calendering (square sections also) and pressing are all processes that are carried out within W.M.I. to give the form needed to the product.


W.M.I. welds stainless steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, duplex and superduplex with innovative machines, such as the © EWM AG Force TIG welding machine and the welding robot with TIG, MIG and Force TIG welding head.

Mechanical Machining

A machining center with 3 + 1 axes of 1350x640mm dimension and a center with 3 axes with 1250x650mm dimension, allow the final mechanical processing of the products. Turning, milling and drilling are all internal processes at W.M.I.

Our Tools


One of our purposes is to equip the production with machines and tools to make it more and more efficient.
Most of the investments made are intended for the purchase of new equipment:

A general overview... 

7.300 sqm covered area

18.000 sqm uncovered area

12 bridge cranes with a total capacity of 32 ton.

6 jib cranes

Plate stock

Bar stock

Pre-worked parts stock

Plate Dept.

Fiber Laser 5 axes 6KW (8050x2550 H950)

Plasma cutting plant (8000x2500)

CNC 320 ton bending machine.

Calendering Dept.

4 calenders up to 45 mm of thickness (circular section) 

1 CNC calender (square and elliptical sections)

Welding Dept.

20 welding stations

2 presses 200 ton.

1 gooseneck press

Welding machines TIG, TIG hot wire, MIG/MAG, shielded metal arc welding

4 automatic saws

Automatic welding Dept.

2 Plasma Arc Welding plants (PAW)

1 Submerged Arc Welding plant (SAW)

1 Force Tig 1000 A on a 7 axis antropomorphic robot

Machining Dept.

Vertical CNC machining centre 4 axes 2100x1100 Z 1150

Vertical CNC machining centre 4 axes 1350x650 Z 650

Vertical lathe  Ø990

Parallel CNC lathes Ø500

Horizontal milling machine with universal head 2.700x800 Z 800

Quality control

The mobile 3D measuring arm allows to verify the quality of the products through inspections and comparisons with CAD, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering.

Final Test

Testing can be performed internally or externally to W.M.I: it is up to the customer whether to test the product directly at it's facilities with his plant, or to perfrm a first check at our workshop. Our technical support does not end with the delivery, but persists thanks to the transparent and trusting relationship that we establish from the beginning.


We offer PED 2014/68/UE compliant products, designed with ASME VIII div.1 or EN13445 calculation code.
Our welders are certified according to ASME sec. IX and EN ISO 9606-1.
We own the  ASME U-STAMP certification and are planning to achieve the AD 2000-HP0 certification soon. 

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