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Industria petrolchimica


The Expertise


Thirty years of expertise in the sector guarantee products that meet the high quality requirements needed for the petrochemical sector.

Tailor Made

Our aim is to provide products that help improving our customers performance through reliable, high quality customized solutions.



W.M.I.  follows the protocols given by the certifications in order to guarantee the high quality standard and the safety of the final product.


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The Design Phase

The technical office can determine the mechanical resistance, the durability and the natural frequencies of the final product. It can also test the load instabilities, make pressure vessel analysis and of complex loads with the Simulation software implemented with the 3D CAD and a dedicated calculation program, which follows the ASME VIII div. 1 code.Mechanical calculations are performed using the finite element method (FEM) and its dedicated calculation software, which allow to analyze the feasibility right at the beginning of the process.The construction drawings are realized through 3D modeling and 2D drawings to have a tangible idea of the project, guaranteeing a safe and good final result. 

The production processes

From the formal project to the final testing many production steps follow one another to realize the end product.The 2D and 3D fiber laser enables to cut, drill and chamfer any kind of object.The forming is carried out by bending and calendering (even square sections). The weldings are performed manually and with the welding robot which has been equipped with the © EWM AG Force TIG welding head.The turning, milling and boring is mainly performed within the company.

Finished Products

W.M.I. is a reference for the construction of assembled and / or disassembled interiors for the petrochemical sector according to the customer's needs: trays, basket, catalyst support grids, inlet baskets, interbed internal skirts, outlet collectors, bubble caps tray, beams, lattice beams, recycle cones, vortex breakers, quench distributors, mixing chambers are just some of the products that W.M.I. designs and manufactures.
One of our most requested niche products are precontacting pots equipped with stirrer for polypropylene and polyethylene plants.


With PED 2014/68 / UE compliant products, welders certified according to ASME sec.IX, EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 15609-1 and EN ISO 14732, the company achieved the  ASME  U-STAMP certification and is planning to get the AD 2000 HP0 certification soon.
W.M.I. is certified according to ISO 901:2015.


Stainless Steel: AISI 321 and 347

Nickel Alloys


Electropolishing (until Ra < 0.2)

Mechanical Polishing (until Ra < 0.2)

Shot  Peening


Satin Finish


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