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Leantech's 5-Axis Fiber Laser for 2D and 3D cutting

The absence of imperfections and no risk for the material. These are the benefits of Leantech's Fiber Laser, which offers 2D and 3D cutting for WMI and other customers.

Leantech Srl is pursuing maximum efficiency

To shape the sheets, one of the first operations to be carried out is cutting. There are many ways to cut metal sheets, but the most efficient is laser cutting. In 2018, the Leantech company was founded: its mission was to create a machine capable of satisfying and realizing a new concept of laser cutting with 6 kW 5-Axis fiber technology for 2D and 3D cuts. The mission was immediately achieved: a few months after the founding of the company, the cutting plant was ready and it was the first prototype of such large dimensions in Europe, built together with a manufacturer of laser cutting systems. WMI immediately chose Leantech as a partner for the cutting sector.

The cutting possibilities

With two cutting benches of size 2500 * 8000 mm, Leantech performs for WMI:

  • 2D cuts up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm and dimensions 2500 * 8000 mm;

  • 3D cuts, sheet chamfering up to a maximum thickness of 15 mm and dimensions 2200 * 8000 mm;

  • 5-Axis 3D cuts up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm and dimensions 2000 * 8000 * 900 mm for working on dished heads and large pipes;

  • tracing of codes and construction axes on all 2D and 3D details.

The strengths of Leantech’s Fiber Laser

Leantech has equipped the cutting machinery with an integrated capacitive system for maintaining the measurement, even during the inclined processing phase. The requirement advanced by many customers to have minimal alteration of the material on the edges and no damage to adjacent surfaces, has been satisfied with the maximum optimization of the processing with a clean and precise cut.

What are the Fiber Laser Cutting fields of application?

In addition to WMI, Leantech supplies customers in Naval, Civil Architecture and Metalworking sectors, both for semi finished goods and in full supply.

The advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting

The 6kW 5-Axis fiber laser cutting plant achieves extremely high levels of efficiency and productivity. The working precision is between 0.2 and 0.5 mm, the repeatability of 0.1mm and the capacitive head allows dynamic control of the axis.


Welding machining industry

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