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WMI in the German market with the AD 2000 - HP0 certification

The craftsmanship and the use of modern technologies allow WMI to be recognized and affirmed in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, chemical, petrochemical and research sectors. However, foreign markets have certifications and reference protocols, which need to be respected in order to export. The German market requires the AD 2000 - HP0 certification.

What does the AD 2000 - HP0 certification declare?

The AD 2000-HP0 is essential for companies that design and build equipment and welded structures, both pressure and non, for the German country. The code shows the requirements that need to satisfy the European directive on pressure equipment (Directive 2014/68 / EU PED).

The WMI certification

The certificate issued to WMI Srl certifies that the company complies with the requirements to ensure the safety and quality of the welded equipment, and especially:

"The company:

  • has facilities that allow the production and inspection in accordance with current technical standards;

  • implements a quality system that ensures that the manufacture and inspection of the products declared in the company report, comply with the rules and technical standards;

  • employs qualified supervision and inspection personnel.

The company welding process is suitable for the production of pressure equipment according to the standards mentioned above. Regardless of this certificate, the requirements of the module respectively selected must be considered in the context of the production of pressure equipment according to the PED 2014/68 / EU directive ".

What does WMI Srl export to Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

WMI Srl is already active on the German market, with customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the desire to strengthen existing relationships and expand the network, WMI chose to implement the certification AD 2000 - HP0. The certification is effective as WMI is establishing partnerships, as a supplier, with companies that require this certification as a fundamental requirement.

Products exported to the German market

WMI Srl, specialized in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, is active on the German speaking market and exports: autoclaves for sterilization and washing chambers with a circular or square section; pressure vessels for example for mixers and melters.


Welding machining industry

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