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WMI is an ASME - U STAMP certification holder

WMI Srl is an ASME - U STAMP certification holder. From now on the stamp can be placed on all pressure equipment: an important step for exporting to America, Canada and many other countries.

What is ASME - U STAMP certification?

The ASME code is the American reference standard for pressure equipment manufacturers: thanks to the applied stamp, the products are recognized in terms of quality and safety in international contexts.

By whom it is released

The certification, which is highlighted by a special stamp applied on the products, is issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (acronym ASME).

What does it guarantee

The certification declares that WMI is able to build, certify and sell pressure equipment that is safe and guaranteed by quality controls. In fact, during the construction of the product, the necessary tests and checks are carried out to confirm compliance with the project and the construction code, for example radiographic or liquid penetrating tests. Dimensional checks, ultrasonic thickness measurements and hydrostatic tests also guarantee the conformity of the finished product.

The steps of certification

In order to obtain the certification, WMI Srl had to prepare a Quality Control Manual and a demonstration sample (Demo Item): it is the latter that highlights the application of the quality control system required by the Reference Code to the ASME Team. After the Application with the Authorized Inspection Agency, the Review and Joint Review on the Demo Item has been performed. The certification is authorized only if the joint verification between ASME and the inspection agency, on the Manual and its implementation, is positive.

Why you should choose an ASME U-stamp certified company

The ability of a company is not only given by skills: although WMI has competent human capital and state-of-the-art equipment, over the years it has had to acquire safety and warranty protocols. The staff was continuously trained to grow and respond more and more to the demands of European and international regulations. The ASME U - Stamp certification confirms the safety of the products for the extra-European market: the pressure equipment of WMI Srl now demonstrates even more quality and reliability, which are essential characteristics for substances under pressure at risk of contamination, fire and explosion.

The other certifications of WMI

The ASME U-STAMP certification is only one of the protocols that WMI has decided to undertake. In fact, the company is also certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment and welded components for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, naval and research industries. It is also ISO 3834-2 certified for the welding quality and AD2000 HP0 for the additional demands of the German market. Depending on what is applicable, the products comply with PED 2014/68 / EU and are designed with ASME VIII div.1, EN 13445, AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 calculation codes. The welders are also certified according to ASME sec. IX and EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 15609-1, EN ISO 14732. Finally, for NDTs, WMI has II ° level qualified personnel (PT, RT, VT).


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