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Efficiency and easy handling

W.M.I.'s burners are created to achieve the maximal efficiency: for this reason, a control unit has been included in their construction which allows to reduce the consumption of fa and to choose the optimal power.



Supplying long lasting and safe burners is our aim. They are therefore tested and approved by the notified body. The production flow is constantly monitored before final delivery.

After sales assistance

W.M.I. has a large stock of spare parts to ensures support also durng the afer sale period.


Write us and we will answer as soon as possible!

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W.M.I. manufactures heating devices for breeding farms and for the recycling of asphalt.  ​​


The heating devices for breeding are aas infrared radiant for farms mod. SPG A2 and A3) are built following the Polidoro patent and work efficiently by means of a pressure regulator from 5 to 200mbar. The 40-50% fuel saving compared to traditional heating, the great reliability, the absence of thermal inertia, the easy maintenance of the safety valve and the filter make the product competitive and advantageous. The radiants for asphalt recycling are built thanks to the experience and continuous research of W.M.I., which continuously evolves in the production processes to maintain the high quality of the product. The standardization of the product allows to have efficient radians from every point of view. The spare parts warehouse is synonymous with continuous assistance: even after sales, W.M.I. remains as the only interlocutor for every need.


The notified body issues the CE certification for the heaters destined to the breeding farms. Guaranteeing safety and long lasting function is important. For both models (SPG and SKK) a safety procedure is foreseen to guarantee the maximum reliability of the product.


Stainless steel
AISI 310SS - 304 - 309S - 310

Spare parts

W.M.I. owns a spare parts warehouse that guarantees continuity of service and constant assistance.

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